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SB Financing

March 15, 2009 - Comments Off on SB Financing


Dear Debora,

My name is Patricia C. and I can’t find money anywhere for my small business!   Any suggestions?

Thanks –Patricia C., New York


Dear Patricia C.,

If you are interested in starting or expanding a small business and need financing, I would suggest that you begin researching the various financial resources, including banking institutions, angels, investors, and alternative lenders.  When conducting your research, find out what the lenders’ loan application process consist of and exactly what they want/need to be submitted with this application.  For example, find out if they need personal and business financial information, partner names, collateral sources, etc.  This way you are preparing yourself with all the necessary information, prior to submitting your application for financing.  Keep in mind that doing all this leg work does not guarantee that you will receive financing for your business however; this step will definitely help you prepare yourself for the possibility of receiving one.  On the contrary, if your business is two to three years old, and you are not able to provide business federal tax returns, a business plan* or projections for the next two years, plus, collateral, and a sound personal credit history, you may not meet the lenders loan application criteria.  In other words, you may not receive a loan.  *Note: A sound business plan will help build your case with any financial institution.

Next, I would suggest that you enlist a Small Business Advisor or Coach.  This individual will help guide you through the process of starting, managing, and expanding your small business whether you receive a loan or not.

If you have any additional questions or need online coaching or advice, please contact me at my virtual office.

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